Meet our Faculty Advisor...

Dr. Brian Gregory

Brian Gregory is an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at St. Francis College and the faculty advisor for SFC Radio! In addition to a passion for radio, Prof. Gregory researches and writes on the history of radio and sound technologies. He also has more than 14 years of experience as an audio and video engineer.

Meet our President...

Nick Arias

Senior at SFC, Nick is a Communication Arts major with a minor in Sports Management. Nick hosts the shows "Humanize the Professor" and "NBA: The Block" here on SFC Radio. In addition to being the president of the station, Nick is also a writer for the student newspaper (SFCToday), as well as a crew member of SFC Terrier TV. Nick hopefully plans to work for a professional sports team as a writer or radio host.

Meet our Vice President...

Laik Green

Sophomore at SFC, Laik is the Co-host of our very own "RockShow" with the host Eric Abusov as well as "Inside Brooklyn Heights" with Frank Filocomo. Laik is currently majoring in Political Science while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. His interests include history, politics, baseball, cars, rock music, and many more. Laik plans on becoming either a politician, political analyst, or lawyer.

Meet our Secretary/Social Media Manager...

Amelia Eberline


Meet our Music Director...

Daniel Fisher

Senior at SFC, Daniel is a Business Management major with a 3.5 GPA. He is the host of our very own "Flowers and Harmony" show on the station. Besides having interests in music, Daniel is also interested in Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, & olympic wrestling. Once graduating college in 2020, Daniel plans on running his own entertainment label and also becoming a writer/director for music and film.

Meet the host of RockShow...

Eric Abusov

Sophomore at SFC, Eric hosts RockShow alongside his co-host Laik. Eric is an Accounting major with a 4.0 GPA. His interests include binge-listening albums, reading, garage sales, and playing guitar. Eric plans on becoming a successful accountant in the near future.

Meet the host of Inside Brooklyn Heights...

Frank Filocomo

Meet the host of Conor Talks Movies...

Conor Tacopina

Meet the host of The Re-Up NYC...

Mateo Mantilla

Meet the host of NBA: The Block...

Chris Moreno

Meet the hosts of Beantown vs. The Big Apple...

Danny Colgan, Connor Keating, & Matt Russo

Meet the hosts of The Cultural Variety Show...

Aaliyah Humphrey, Lara Legath, & Allison Priest

Meet the hosts of The Brooklyn Belles..

JULIANNE CIANCI & Kristen Roberts

Meet the host of Pick Your Poison...

Michael Loverde & Brian Capper

Meet the hosts of From A to Z...

Antonia D'amato & Zoe Drobenko

Meet the hosts of Take it to Go...

Pierra Clemons & Manny Vilmatelo